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Cloud Servers

  • Business Advantages of
    Qube Cloud Servers

    • No investment in hardware or software required
    • No technical infrastructure skills investment required
    • Access to highly skilled technical resources and advice
    • Increase or augment capacity during peak periods
    • Increase reliability and availability of your online services
  • Technical Advantages of
    Qube Cloud Servers

    • High availability features by default (High Availability, DRS & vMotion)
    • Cloud servers use fast SAN storage with SSD caching
    • Easily and quickly scale up server resources (CPU, RAM & Storage) as required
    • Advanced I/O balancing - no "noisy neighbors"
    • Fully managed and monitored cloud server options available

High-performance Cloud Servers
Cloud Servers from Qube are high-performance virtual dedicated servers hosted in our resilient data centre facilities. Qube offers Microsoft Windows Server and Linux operating systems.
Advanced Cloud Technology
High availability and I/O load-balancing are standard features of Qube Cloud Servers thanks to VMware's advanced DRS and HA clustering features.
These advanced features mean that your cloud servers can seamlessly migrate from one physical host to another, transparently and without any impact to your applications or customers.
This is especially important to mitigate against hardware failures or essential maintenance. High I/O (CPU or Storage) can slow down your applications and cause problems.
VMware DRS will detect and automatically migrate busy cloud servers to quieter hosts to ensure minimal impact to other virtual machines.
Cloud Servers with a Managed Service Level
Cloud Servers are also available with a managed service level. This means that Qube will manage and monitor the operating system on your cloud servers. Our team of experts will ensure your servers are patched and secure.
We will also proactively respond to alerts and failures, ensuring your business stays online 24/7
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