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Hybrid Cloud

Qube is a certified vCloud Powered Service Provider
How do I know if a Hybrid Cloud solution
is right for my business?
  • You have servers or network devices that are not suitable for cloud
    For example, you have a large database cluster that uses a significant amount of RAM, CPU and has high disk I/O, but your web server tier will run on cloud servers comfortably

  • Legacy IT systems that are in the process of migration
    For example, you have a legacy non-x86 environment or existing collocated servers. You want the benefits of a cloud solution immediately, but the migration process will take some time to complete.
What are Hybrid Cloud services?
A hybrid cloud is where dedicated (physical) servers and network equipment, possibly an existing colocated IT infrastructure, are integrated with a cloud hosting platform.

Advantages of Hybrid Cloud services for your Business
✓ Maximize investment into existing or legacy IT infrastructure (use assets for longer)
✓ Achieve a best of both worlds solution using cloud & physical environments
✓ Allows for a phased physical to virtual migration process (P2V)
✓ Easily integrate legacy IT systems with new technology
✓ Use custom hardware devices with your cloud infrastructure

How does a Hybrid Cloud solution work?
Qube will host your physical dedicated servers and network devices in our data centre. We connect your dedicated IT infrastructure into our cloud platform via secure network connections. In the case of a physical to virtual migration, your physical environment will eventually be decommissioned once the migration to cloud has been successfully completed.
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