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Managed Networks

We offer fully managed network services in all of our data centres. Using best of breed network equipment, our Cisco qualified expert team can design and build a network to your exact needs.
Managed Network Services Portfolio
  • Managed Firewall Services

    • Design, configuration and management of Cisco firewall environments
    • Managed IP VPN service (multi-site, IPSEC and Remote Access)
    • 24/7 firewall monitoring services
    • Managed Intrusion Prevention service (IPS)
    • Managed configuration backups & change control monitoring
    • Hardware replacement guarantee for physical devices
  • Managed Load-balancing services

    • Design, configuration and management of load-balancing services
    • SSL certificate management
    • 24/7 load-balancer monitoring services
    • Hardware replacement guarantee for physical devices
    • Device configuration backups
  • Managed Routing & Switching services

    • Design, configuration and management of Layer 2 & Layer 3
    • Automated managed configuration backups
    • 24/7 device & service quality monitoring services
    • Hardware replacement guarantee for physical devices
    • Spanning tree & high availability configurations

Advantages of Managed Data Centre Network services for your Business
✓ Qube manages your network infrastructure, you concentrate on your customers
✓ Access to highly skilled & certified Network Engineers
✓ Cloud-based networking reduces capex costs
✓ Advanced security and protection from Internet threats (hackers, worms & viruses)
✓ Proactive network monitoring ensures your business is online 24/7

Managed Network Services in the Data Centre
Designing, building and managing highly-available managed networks for our customers is our speciality.
Qube managed firewalls are based on the Cisco ASA series or VMware vShield virtual firewall appliances. For managed load-balancing services we use F5 Networks or pfSense virtual network appliances.

Our managed network services team consists of experienced Cisco-certified engineers who will design, deliver and manage your network from start to finish. You get the benefit of enterprise-grade networking products and advanced networking skills, without the need to employ dedicated network engineers.

Qube maintains a full stock of network device spares on-site so that in the unlikely event of a failure, we can simply swap out the affected hardware. All managed network equipment is connected to our secure out-of-band management networks.
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