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Virtual Data Centre

Qube is a certified vCloud Powered Service Provider
Qube Virtual Data Centre Service
Qube's Virtual Data Centre service provides your business with
secure access to a self-provisioned scalable cloud infrastructure.

Virtual Data Centre is perfect for businesses that require reliable,
high performance, enterprise-grade cloud servers.

  • Business Advantages of
    Qube Virtual Data Centre

    • Control your hosting costs by right-sizing your infrastructure
    • Increase your business agility and efficiency through automation
    • Increase availability and resilience of your online business
    • Allows you to focus on your business and customers - not spend time managing infrastructure
    • Access to highly skilled technical people when necessary
  • Technical Advantages of
    Qube Virtual Data Centre

    • Advanced high-availability design by default
    • I/O balancing of CPU & storage
    • Fast, resilient SAN storage with SSD caching
    • Scale CPU, RAM and Storage resources on the fly
    • Catalogue of server images and templates for rapid provisioning
  • What applications is Virtual
    Data Centre best suited for?

    • E-commerce sites
    • Development and testing environments
    • Databases (Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL) with medium I/O requirements

What is vCloud Director?
vCloud Director is a cloud orchestration and management software platform developed by VMware, the worlds leading virtualization and cloud software company.
vCloud provides customers with secure access to control, manage and provision their own cloud environments using a simple web browser.
Your cloud is provisioned and runs on Qube's enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure, hosted in our highly secure and resilient data centres.

You are assigned a pool of resources (called a Virtual Data Centre), from which you can provision virtual machines, networks and VLANs in any configuration you desire.
Secure Cloud
vCloud also provides integrated security in the form of vShield Edge, which is a virtualized firewall appliance that can be deployed to protect your Virtual Data Centre from hackers and other Internet threats.
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