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What is a Virtual Data Centre?

A scalable pool of computing resources for your business to use as you see fit.

Qube's Virtual Data Centre service is a pool of powerful computing resources (CPU, RAM, Storage and Bandwidth) that is specifically designed for enterprise hosting requirements.

The Qube Virtual Data Centre is a public cloud service based on VMware vCloud Director, an advanced cloud management platform that provides standards-based deployment of cloud server and network resources.

Our cloud services allow you to easily import and export your own cloud server images using OVF files, an open standard for data. This means you are never locked in to using one cloud provider.

Our Virtual Data Centre also allows management via a secure API.


Why do I need Virtual Data Centre Services?

The great advantage of using Qube's Virtual Data Centre services is that Qube takes care of the whole infrastructure.

You no longer need to manage any physical equipment, storage, networking, keep spares, visit the data centre or be concerned with any of the traditional problems associated with colocation or running your own physical hosting infrastructure.
Qube's expert engineers manage the cloud platform, allowing you to concentrate on more important business tasks such as customer care, developing your applications and growing your revenues.

How is Qube's Virtual Data Centre service different from other cloud providers?
Qube's Virtual Data Centre service is a certified VMware vCloud Powered® service.
This means that Qube's cloud services are designed and built to high standards as set out and verified by VMware, the world leader in cloud and virtualization solutions.

Many cloud hosting service providers will tell you that they offer 'cloud' services.
In reality, however, many providers are really just selling VPS (Virtual Private Servers), which are not cloud servers.

One feature that we feel is very important is high availability, i.e. Your cloud servers can run on any number of physical hosts in the event of a hardware failure.
Many providers do not have this capability and should a physical server fail, your cloud instance will suffer from downtime.

Another important feature that not all clouds have is I/O load-balancing.
If a physical host becomes very busy, can the platform recognise this and take corrective action?
Qube's vCloud platform automatically balances out high CPU and storage I/O across quieter servers, ensuring you never suffer from the "noisy neighbours" problem.
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